Weekly Geeks 10

The Challenge for Weekly Geeks 10 this week is magazines. Funny, I don’t think about magazines. I’ve spent a lot of time writing about how important it is to have a variety of reading material, and yet I generally spend my time with books.

Most of my subscriptions have expired. My interests changed (how many Southern Living recipes do I need for grilled chicken?) and catalogs are turning into mini-magazines (thank you Williams-Sonoma for the blue-cheese fondue). But there is one subscription that remains.

1. Name of magazine. The Washington Post Magazine

2. Do you subscribe or just buy it now and then? I subscribe to the Washington Post … the Magazine is a Sunday benefit!

3. What’s your favorite regular feature in the magazine? There are actually two. Significant Others and Dining Out. I loved reading Jeanne Marie Laskas She wrote her last Significant Others column this past Sunday. We lived in the DC area for more than 20 years, and eating out was our favorite thing!

4. What do you think your interest in this magazine says about you? I like food and love thoughtful, humorous looks at life.

5. How long have you been reading this magazine? More than 20 years!

6. Is there any unique or quirky aspect to the magazine that keeps you reading?
1. Date Lab – Will ANYONE ever get together for more than 2 dates?
2. First Person Singular
3. Then and Now – some terrific pictures around the DC metro area.

The Magazine also has a featured called Second Glance where you try to spot the changes between an original and an altered photograph. They are fun to do …but I must admit that my nearly seven-year-old is faster than me!