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My first job on Monday is to post the Reading Round-up over at TubTalk. It is chock full of good stuff, and lots of practical ideas. Thanks again, Jen!

The only way I can get the Round-up done is to grab my coffee and go straight to the blog. That means I skip the Monday morning mailbox, so I didn’t see the email from Amy of My Friend Amy’s blog until too late. I thought Book Bloggers Appreciation Week was great. But wait til you see this …


Books for the Holidays is a grassroots effort to encourage books as THE gift of choice this holiday season. I love her reasoning:

  • “Books are a good value for the amount they cost. They provide information, entertainment, encouragement, and escape. They challenge our thinking, make us laugh, and inspire our dreams. They look lovely sitting on our shelves or coffee tables.
  • Books are diverse. I recognize that not everyone in your life might like to read. But thankfully, there’s a book for just about every interest. There are even books that are just pictures or recipes…cool, huh???
  • Giving books makes you look intelligent and cool. Enough said.”

You can read Amy’s original post here or you can head straight to the Buy Books for the Holidays blog, which is dedicated exclusively to the campaign. We’ll be chiming in with some of our favorites here, and as part of the November Carnival of Children’s Literature at Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books. The theme: The Gift of Reading. If you don’t want to wait, you can check out last year’s carnival with a similar theme that MotherReader hosted.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’m adding a link to your blog in my blogroll at Wild Rose Reader.

    Elaine M.

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