What’s in a Name? a Name Poem for National Poetry Month

name poem As I mentioned the other day, I am going to celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing some of the poems that I wrote as a teenager.

Today I’m going to share my Name Poem (also known as an Acrostic Poem).

A Name Poem is a great “first poem” because it has a framework that the writer can work with. As you can see from the image of my poem, it is a vertical poem where each letter of my name is the first letter of a word that opens a sentence.

name poem example
To most of my relatives I’m special.
Everything takes time, I’m told.
Reading is one of my hobbies.
Relaxing is something I do as
Year after year goes by.

How would I write that poem today?

Time is a precious gift.
Everyday we should celebrate –
Rejoice in the little moments.
Remember those loved and lost.
Yes, we have many blessings.

Resources for Writing a Name Poem

A Name Poem is also called an Acrostic Poem. You can use any word as the anchor for your acrostic poem. Whether it is a favorite sport or beloved food, the word is the foundation for your poem. When you choose a name your Name Poem can become a tribute. Grandma would love a poem with all the things her grandson loves about her. Wouldn’t it be fun to see how your daughter might pay tribute to her brother in a Name Poem?

Here are some websites that have great guides and ideas.