What’s In A Name?

I love anagrams. One of my favorite games as a kid was to take a word and see how many new words or phrases I could create from that collection of letters. I especially liked to do it with names.

I can’t do much with T-E-R-R-Y, but when I combined it with my maiden name, I had a lot of choices. I also used my given name a lot, too. There’s a lot you can do with Theresa. There’s a … and Here’s a … were the beginning of many spontaneous stories.  And of course you’ve got the sea, and seat, and set, and … but you get the point.

Today is hat day at Catherine’s elementary school. Kids can wear a hat all day if they pay $1.00. The money goes to buying hats for kids who have cancer. This morning, just as we were heading out the door, Catherine announced that she didn’t want a DS anymore. She wanted to take all that money (about $50) to school for the kids who have cancer.

The anagram of her name?  Nice Heart!

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  1. On an unrelated to literacy note I like that fund raiser idea. Is it a specific charity? Kids would love wearing hats and just about everyone could afford $1.

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