What’s On Your Nightstand

What's On Your Nightstand

I’m going to try something new. I’m going to commit to participating in the What’s on Your Nightstand? Carnivall. I have hesitated to post for carnivals, because they are so fun they can eat up my life. I’ve also been reticent about publishing our Reading Ahead and Book Bag columns every month because they, too, can be time consuming … and I want them to have meaningful content, which 30 days’ notice doesn’t always guarantee.

The What’s on Your Nightstand? Carnival may be just what I need to bridge the gap. A little taste of what has landed on my desk and what we’re reading, without going over the top. So here goes …

What’s New in the Tub?

Books on a Theme

The Queen of Halloween by Mary Einglebreit. My daughter snagged this one and has asked for it several times already. (HarperCollins Publishers, 2008)

Ghostsitters (Araminta Spookie 5)as told to Angie Sage. (HarperCollins Publishers, 2008)

Books that Landed on the Top of the TBR pile

Marvel the Marvelous by Laura Chester, illustrated by Gary A. Lippincott. The pen-and-ink illustrations in this book take me back to reading those collector’s quality fairy tales and fables. (Willow Creek Press, 2008)

A Very Special Snowflake by Don Hoffman, illustrated by Todd Dakins. This one is a seasonal story, so we’ll try to turn it around pretty quick. (Cartwheel Books, an Imprint of Scholastic, 2008)

Books We’ve Read, Reviewed, and Loved

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison. This is one fantastic book … I took it with me EVERYWHERE. I read it waiting for the ATM to process, for the pediatrician to see us, and with great restraint, not at the stoplights. Here’s my review. It’s not on the site yet, ‘cuz we’re in the midst of an upgrade.

Ruthie Bon Bair, Don’t Go To Bed with Wringing Wet Hair
by Susan Lubner, illustrated by Bruce Whatley . Ruthie loves her long, curly hair, but not the tangles. But, when you don’t dry your hair, strange things can happen. We read this more than a year ago, but it has resurfaced as my daughter’s current favorite. (Abrahms Books for Young Readers, 2006)

Junie B. Jones First Grader: One-Man Band by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus. My first grader picked this as her “free” book at Barnes and Noble this summer. As we expected, she laughed her way through it. (Random House Books for Young Readers, 2004) Not yet reviewed on the site.

What We’re Reading Now

On my nightstand is a mixed pile of books. I have two graphic novels (Magic Trixie, Warriors: Firestar and Sasha), an ARC (Burn), and a middle-grade novel (The Wild Women of Lake Anna, a Bailey Fish Adventure).

On my daughter’s dresser and nightstand, we have A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee, The Queen of Halloween, Barbie Mariposa, When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, One-Eyed Jake (a pirate story), and Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Haunted House. These are her current favorites … some we read as partners, some she can snuggle in and listen to.