Winter Reading

What is it about winter that seems to make it more conducive to reading with our kids ? Maybe it’s the shorter days, or the so-called cold weather. It’s going to be 70 degrees here in the Virginia Piedmont today!

One of the favorite things in our house is cocoa picnics. While I’m making cocoa, my daughter picks out a book (or two) and grabs a blanket. Great memories, wonderful fun, and a terrific way to keep that frightful weather at bay.

Have a favorite reading activity? Tell us about it …

Want to create a new favorite activity. Check out The Reading Party Author L.J.Davis (A Simple Brown Leaf) has created a web site for anyone who wants to help a child read. “Our vision is to make reading fun, to help adults model reading in the home, and to celebrate the joy of reading with community.” Check it out!