Yea Books!

Our holidays have been filled with books. Our very thoughtful relatives showered us with mother/daughter tandem cookbooks, daddy/daughter books about exploring stars, a folio edition of The Tales of Despereaux, Fancy Nancy books and doll (very cute), Madeline and Madeleine’s Christmas, a couple Nancy Drews to extend my collection, and The Glory Game by Frank Gifford. [We started life as Baltimore Colts fans.]

Interestingly enough, these were all family members who don’t read blogs, don’t watch morning television, and didn’t know about the various give-books-for-the-holidays campaign. With the shelves bulging, I was tickled to get a pair of bookends to help keep them in order. Could these be any more perfect?


One response to “Yea Books!

  1. Glad you had a book-filled holiday. I didn’t receive any so far, but I did get a couple of gift cards for Amazon and B&N. So books are coming.

    Love the bookends!!

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