Young Adult Fiction – Cybils 2012

Today we kick off our countdown to nomination series for Cybils 2012. From now through the end of the month we will publish a post about one of the nine remaining (we did ours the other day) Cybils categories.

Young Adult Fiction usually goes last, alphabetically  … so we’re going to let them go first!

Category: Young Adult Fiction
Category Chair: Jackie Parker
Jackie blogs at Interactive Reader, and can be found on Twitter @interactiver.

I’m interested in almost everything, but what I talk about [at Interactive Reader] is primarily young adult fiction. I want to see are well-developed plots and genuine and believable characters whether their worlds are fantastical or not. I love science fiction, be it social or techy. I love male narrators when they sound real. I adore girls who kick ass. Historical fiction feeds my soul. I’m bored by sports, but enjoy a good sports novel. I am obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, and was before it was cool. I’m looking for books to give the real teens that I serve in my library. They want to see themselves in books: the underdog; the minority; the stranger in a strange land.

Round 1 Panelists

Leila Roy, librarian
Bookshelves of Doom and @bkshelvesofdoom
Librarian. Okay, okay. Uber-librarian. Minus the MLS. That might happen. Someday.

Sarah Gross, high school teacher
The Reading Zone and @thereadingzone
My name is Sarah and I am the face behind TheReadingZone. I am a former 6th grade Language Arts teacher and current high school English teacher who strives to instill a love of reading and writing in her students. I can’t imagine my life without books- the many overflowing bookcases in my house and classroom are a testament to this

Kellie Tilton, librarian
The Re-Shelf  and @thereshelf
Hi, I’m Kell and welcome to The Re-Shelf’s Intel page. I’m in my late 20s and an avid lover of books and social media (a good combo for a book blogger, no?). I currently work in a university library and answer many questions about databases and whether an article is scholarly or not. And about citations. Lots of questions about citations.

William Polking, high school teacher
Guys Lit Wire  and @Polking
William Polking teaches high school reading and college composition. Because he feels guilty about destroying the economy with his lavish salary and benefit package, he also coaches large group speech and girls soccer. His students tell him that reads like it is his job, to which he gently responds that it kind of is.

Clementine Bojangles, teacher & librarian-to-be
Early Nerd Special and @clemmybojangles
Hi. Clementine Bojangles here. Early Nerd Special is a blog where I review books, movies, and TV shows, as well as muse on various happenings in pop culture.  I try to review every book that I read, but that doesn’t always happen.

Kendall Kulper, author
Blogging for YA and @Kendall_Kulper
I’m a writer and designer living in Chicago, IL. My books feature teenagers stuck in amazing, life-changing, sci-fi-bending situations. My designs feature cute, quirky couples cartoonified for wedding invitations or anniversary presents.

Kirstin Fearnley, author
Sprite Writes and @spritewrites

Round 2 Judges

Maureen Kearney, librarian
Confessions of a Bibliovore  and @mosylu
By day, a youth services librarian in Arizona. By night, a voracious reader. Oh, let’s face it, a voracious reader by day, too. This blog focuses on middle grade and YA novels. It’s all about books I’ve loved, books that made me smile, laugh, cry, and think. It also contains kidlit news and opinions. Lots of opinions. All opinions expressed are my own and do not represent those of any organization or employer. It’s all me, baby.

Maureen Eichner, librarian
By Singing Light and @elvenjaneite
Hello! I’m Maureen. I often go by Maureen E online, to distinguish myself from other Maureens and because my last and middle names both begin with E. I work as a library assistant, which is great! I love libraries, especially public libraries.

Adrianne Russell, author
The Writer’s Republic and @writersrepublic
Adrianne Russell has a literary addiction that causes her to read and write about many things. She adores green veggies, Samuel L. Jackson movie quotes, The Roommate and her evil cat overlords Dice and Domino.

Michelle Castleman, teacher, writer
The Hungry Readers and @ShelTheProf
Writing stories. Reading Markus Zusak, John Green, Lois Lowry, Janet Evanovich and any other author’s work that catches her eye. Discussing books in class, at home or in a cafe while drinking coffee. Teaching about using children’s literature and teaching children’s literature. Writing my own stories. It’s what makes me happy. Distracting myself with Wii.

Jessica Silverstein
Reading on the F Train and @SilversteinELA
Nothing on the @ to write.

Hope you’ll stop by to visit these bloggers … I can pretty much guarantee if you read Young Adult Fiction you’ll be adding to your TBR pile!