Youth Literacy Project: Help the Reading Tub Help Your Friends

children's literacy websiteOne of the ways the Reading Tub works with readers-in-need is to partner with schools for our Use Your ABCs program. It is a great way for us to get books to Title I schools and students who need reading material. This is a fall semester project because with spring come the myriad of testing protocols.  The spring semester also often means a rush for students to log their community service time !

If you have a reader – or know a reader – who is interested in reading and writing book reviews, we can help!  Over on the right-hand side, I have created a widget that lists middle-grade books for which we need a target audience review (I’m still loading titles).  We have an established protocol to guide the student through the review process. The books on our list are easily found, as they include many popular titles in libraries.

Help from individual students, student groups, social groups, etc. would all be welcome.  We have volunteer opportunities listed with for those who want (or need) a formal record system for tracking their work. You can also help us by spreading the word.

To learn more, just email me at terry [at] thereadingtub … you know the rest.

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